You could say that we are a family of collectors. I collect so much in fact that we are running out of room to store everything.

I have collections from Wool to Cameras! I crochet, that is my excuse for having around 8 bags of wool stashed under the stairs. My husband despairs of me, but he to is a collector. He has collections of books, records, cd’s and DVDs.

This may explain some of my eleven year olds tendencies to hoard. Where as our collections are kept neat and tidy and put away, my daughter hoards,  in a way that suggests with her autism that she has attachments to objects most of us wouldn’t attach ourselves to, like paper and things you or I would throw away.

In my collection of things I have lots of photo albums old and new. Some are family albums from my mother in law who sadly passed away recently, ranging up to the most recent photos of my children. I think in the age of the computer people tend to forget to print out photos and just have them saved onto their computers. I like to print them, put them in an album, feel them as I’m sat looking at them, pointing out all the different people and things to the children.

Photographs are so important and no good to anyone locked away on the computer.


My Photo Albums. This is only a small portion of them. This is by far my biggest collection. There are at least another 6 or so albums.
My Camera Collection started with a box brownie given to me by my Mother In Law before she passed away.
More Cameras were added from there, these three I bought.
These Cameras were all given to me.
My Husbands Record Collection. These fill up the shelving unit in my room so at the moment my records are stored in the attic.
The DVD  Collection. What can I say! theses are two rows deep and there is another shelf full below. There is also a unit in our living room that is full of DVDs. This is a whole family collection.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. This is a circle blog so please continue by heading over to   and reading their take on collections. Please leave them some love on their page.


8 thoughts on “Collections

  1. What interesting collections Claire. I love the old camera’s. I agree that we should be printing out our memories. I have so many on file that I would not know here to start. We too have a huge collection of LP’s and I discovered I have quite a collection in anticipation of surgery.


    1. I can’t believe how quickly your surgery has come around. I really do hope it all goes well. It’s amazing what you find to keep you entertained when you know you’re going to be out of action for a while. When I had my hysterectomy I took to colouring in the adult colouring books. I haven’t touched them since but they certainly kept me going when I needed


  2. I just love how photographs can evoke memories and your images do just that. My father has an extensive record collection and I have vivid memories sitting in his studio (he’s a musician) running my fingers across the sleeves of the records while I did puzzles. Thanks for capturing and sharing – what treasures!


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