Street photography does not come easy to me.

Landscapes aren’t a problem but when it comes to portraits I always feel as if I am doing something wrong. I feel as though I should be asking everyone if it’s ok and when that includes a whole street of people that is a bit difficult.

I took a walk in my city, Winchester in Hampshire which is in the UK. I love living here. It is one of the most beautiful places to live and steeped in a world of history.   IMG_2168.jpgwatermarked

One of the most famous landmarks is that of the Cathedral. Winchester Cathedral is known as one of the largest in Europe.

The city is also home to the University of Winchester and Winchester College, the oldest public school in the UK still to be using it’s original buildings. The college is over 600 years old.

The College is used quite a lot in TV and film productions, Les Miserables being one of them.

Alfred the great was king of Wessex (now called Winchester) from 871-899. Alfred successfully defended his kingdom against the Viking attempt at conquest, and by the time of his death had become the dominant ruler in England.IMG_2210.jpgwatermarked

Another part of Winchesters history is that of Jane Austen the great novelist. Tucked besides the Headmaster’s house of Winchester College at 8 college street is an unobtrusive mustard coloured building. If it wasn’t for the blue plaque above the door it would be easy to pass by this ordinary house. It was here that Jane Austen spent the last few weeks of her life.

As well as all the historic spots of Winchester just taking a walk down the back alleys and side streets brings so much beauty and there are a lot of beautiful looking houses and buildings including the Pilgrims school and quaint bookshops.

Winchester itself is a Market town and has a Market all year round. The Christmas Market is especially beautiful. On every corner you will find a coffee shop or somewhere to sit and have lunch and relax.

We have an assortment of street entertainers and big issue sellers. One sticks out in my mind as well as the minds of most Winchester folk. I wish I new his name but unfortunately I don’t.


Big issue seller
Come rain or shine this man makes the people in the town centre smile. He jokes around, and just generally brightens your day. He stands outside The Abbey Bank. Not only does he sell the Big Issue he raises money for charity. This year for Children In Need he dressed up and said anything he made that day he would donate to the charity. The Bank that he stands outside of said they would match whatever he made. In the end the combined amount was somewhere in the range of £5,000.



We have many buskers and street entertainers that make your shopping experience in the town centre all the better.

I think all these combined aspects are what made Winchester number one on  the list as the best place to live in Britain.

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  1. Claire what a great share on your hometown. We did not go down to the coast but took the Swindon Road (M4) out to Bristol, then through Wales up to Chester and Bolton before zig zagging up to Inverness and back again. But like any part of the UK and Europe I love the history and the beautiful buildings. You have shared a little bit of history of your town and that is so cool. I do love the closeup of the busker. Such a great capture.


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