So for me the theme Restore is about restoring myself, my friends and my family.

After the loss of my Mother in Law at the beginning of the year it has opened my eyes to the fact that over the past couple of years I have forgotten to take care of myself.img_1080-jpgwatermarked Not only that, I have also become distant from my friends and family. This was not intentional of course but things in life just took over. I used to visit my mother in law twice a week at the nursing home she was in. With out her here I suddenly have this free time that I can use to restore my life.

My family is very important to me but over the past few years things have just taken over and got to me in a big way. My gorgeous littlest one Molly has had a lot to deal with in her little life. Not only does Molly not sleep but she has been diagnosed with Hypermobility and Hypotonia with a possible diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and autism. The not sleeping part has led me to stop really caring for myself as much as I should have. It has been known recently to see me walking around without my make up on! This is not like me. I wear my make up always. I haven’t been eating properly and my emotional/mental state has not quite been what it should. This though is all going to change. Since my Mother In Law has past I have realised I need to pick myself up, dust myself down and start over. I need to make sure I get out more. Meet friends more and take care of me!.

Over the past  couple of weeks I have begun to restore my friendships and meet more friends. Even if that’s just been for a coffee.


My best friend of all time doesn’t live in my City and it’s been around six months since I have seen her. This is mainly from me putting off meetings because I have been busy with my family. It has been so lovely to have her drive down to see me and take me out for some lunch. This is one friendship that doesn’t need to be restored. No matter how long it’s been we continue like we have never been apart. We have been friends for 27 years though so that helps!img_1093-jpgwatermarked


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7 thoughts on “Share Six Blog – RESTORE

  1. Claire thank you for sharing from your heart. You have had a lot to deal with since I have connected with you One of the things I have learned over the years that in order to be an effective care giver, you need to take care of yourself. If you don’t you will burn out. Take the “me time” when you can. I am so glad you are able to spend more time with friends. Choose the one wisely that will allow you to express yourself and your emotions. I hope find time to restore yourself and that the coming months will be easier for you and your family.

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  2. So sorry of your loss! I can not even imagine! My absolute best friend is my Mom and can not fathom life without her. I talk with her everyday. I can definitely relate with life getting in the way with keeping up with friends. Life does get so busy. I hope you find some answers about your daughter! Love the images that you shared too!


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